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Plainedge Girls Softball Association

Below please review important dates and responsibilities:

  • Background checks - For the first time PGSA is requiring background checks of all managers and coaches.  No Manager or Coach should be alone with the children without going through this process.  The cost is $12 per coach.  In order to have the background check done go to - step by step instructions are in a separate handout. 
  • Team Moms – Every team will need to select a team mom.  They will need to help find volunteers to help out at the shack, as well as collect for and put together baskets for the picnic. 
  • Picture day – all teams will need to attend picture day either Wednesday May 1st or Thursday May 2nd. For more information click here - Pictures 
  • PGSA Picnic – This year’s picnic is currently scheduled for June 15th. Every team is expected to put together a basket that will be raffled off.  Please feel free to get the other parents to help put it together.  Managers and Coaches are also expected to help sell tickets to the picnic.  This is an important fundraiser for the organization and also a very good time for the kids.
  • Team Sites – Each team has its own website within the new PGSA online system.  It will contain your roster, schedule, and scores from games.  In addition you can set up practices in the systems, as well as track team attendance.  You can also have team discussions and team photos.  Please see the additional handout with hi-level overview on how to use.
  • Mobile App – For Apple or Android there is a downloadable app that if you (or the parents) use their login will allow them access to the team site.  This is super convenient for texting the entire team in case of rainouts or other situations that come up.
  • Player evaluation forms – Each coach is responsible for filling out and returning at the end of the season a player evaluation sheet for your entire team.  This is used by the board in case of draft. They are also helpful for summer/travel teams. For a blank copy of the form click on the link on the right side of this page.
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